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The "BrainReader"

Affordable  "Clinical Accuracy" Neuro-Cognitive Sideline Testing now availble for Sports and Playground Concussion Assessments over-coming the documented 40% mid-diagnose rate

Austin, TX - New technology brings clinical accuracy to "side-line concussion testing" and player return-to-play decisions. "BrainReadertm Neuro-Cognitive Testing" solves the documented 40% mis-diagnoses in "side-line" concussion assessment. It is a concussion assessment tool providing clinical level accuracy in assessing the functions of the four sections of the brain that receive the most concussive injuries (other side-line assessments fail to test all 4 brain section - accounting for the 40% error rate).

This portable test is truly non-subjective (and un-able to be dummied up by athletes) in addition it can be administered anywhere in just 15 minutes. It provides immediate feedback about the altered brain functions present with concussions.

Concussions are brain tissue injuries at the cellular level and the structural damage to the brain cells is on a microscopic level. CAT scans cannot see microscopically, but are an important tool to rule out brain bleeds and bone fractures. CAT scan is only one step in evaluating the brain when concussions are suspected.

Clinical studies show tests that evaluate how well the brain is functioning provide the best answers. Concussive damage cannot be seen by the naked eye, but how that damage effects the functioning of the brain can be seen. These changes in brain function can be initially identified and then tracked with neurocognitive concussion screening from immediately after an injury all the way through the recovery.

Current "side-line" testing methods have been shown to miss up to 40 percent of concussions and are not conclusive. They fail to assess the neurocognitive functions of all 4 critical brain areas most commonly impacted by a concussive injury. The Medial Temporal Lobe, Cerebellum, Calcarine Corte and Frontal Lobe, which control the following functions:

  • Spatial Memory (Neurocognitive function)
  • Balance (Postural Stability & Vestibular)
  • Reaction Time (Executive)
  • Attention (Focus)

BrainReadertm provides low-cost, portable, accurate concussion testing with its BrainReadertm Neuro-Cognitive Testing™ technology. BrainReadertm Neuro-Cognitive Testing™ produces data that provides “clinical accuracy” in just 10 minutes. The results are unique to each person as if it were the brain's “fingerprint”. This “Brain-Fingerprint” is for a person's baseline and remains viable for comparison to future assessments.

BrainReadertm Neuro-Cognitive Testing™ evaluates memory (neurocognitive function), balance (postural stability and vestibular functions), reaction time (executive function), and focus (distraction and multi-tasking). BrainReadertm Neuro-Cognitive Testing™ can be performed quickly, on-site for less than 5 percent of the cost of clinical testing. This revolutionary technology is transforming side-line, playground, and battlefield concussion assessment. According to BrainReadertm, "our mission is to provide our revolutionary technology to forever transform sideline, playground, and battlefield concussion assessment".

BrainReadertm Neuro-Cognitive Testing is impacting the lives of those that have suffered from a misdiagnosed or undiagnosed concussion, including servicemen, women, children and athletes. BrainReadertm was created to provide the dissemination of this new testing system and to educate the public about the impact of concussive brain injuries.

BrainReadertm Neuro-Cognitive Testing goes beyond ground-breaking technology and offers education and advocacy for veterans, families with children, athletes and older adults affected by concussive brain injuries.

Visit and learn more about concussions and this extraordinary new concussion assessment technology.